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Custom Software Development

Let Analytic Solutions develop a custom software application just for you. Many of the largest and most well-respected organizations in the world have entrusted Analytic Solutions to do just that (see our client list). With backgrounds in both business analytics and data science - as well as software programming, our team of developers have a unique skillset to fully understand the needs of your organization and project, and design the solution in such a way as to optimize its value contribution for you. When it comes to the programming side of things, our software and database developers are able to code in all of the major programming languages and technology stacks, so we can select the right technology stack for your organization and the project, and easily integrate into other internal and third-party systems and solutions. We can host and manage your new Analytic Solutions built software application, or if preferred, we can easily transition hosting responsibilities to the provider of your choice. And when it comes to cyber security, we have tremendous experience with all the latest frameworks and technologies, including HIPAA/PHI compliance, data encryption, network security, cloud security, endpoint security, mobile security, IoT security application security, and zero trust. Your Analytic Solutions custom-developed software implementation will always be secure with the latest and most robust cyber security protections available.


Feel free to contact us any time to discuss how we can build a custom development project for you. There's never any pressure or any obligation. Our impressive portfolio of clients and body of work will gain your confidence in us and win your trust. We're happy to show you live demos of previous work and provide client references with whom to speak in candid detail.

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