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Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Cloud Solutions

Current Product Portfolio

SmartChoice™ Food Pantry Software


Online Client Ordering and Inventory Management for Food Pantries. Click here for more

Audinator™ Spreadsheet Auditing Software


Automatically audit spreadsheets to identify errors and risks. Correct issues easily with direct navigation and suggested remedies.

SalesBuilder™ Interactive Sales Tools with Custom Financials


Automatically calculate the economic value that your product will provide to your prospects - while you're sitting in front of them on a sales call - and build a complete customized business case presentation with full sets of financials and analyses. 

IDW™ Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) and Referral Software

IDW screenshot.png

Designed specifically for non-profit social services networks and agencies, our HIPAA-compliant CRM and Referral software digitally connects multiple agencies together, allowing full collaboration among a network of partnering agencies. Participating agencies not only track their own clients, but can identify gaps in services received and make electronic referrals to other partnering agencies to fill those gaps and improve service.

TRACKS™ College Accreditation Assessment Tracking & Analysis Software

Computer Programming

The college accreditation process is a continuous and extremely arduous and resource-intensive undertaking. TRACKS™ allows colleges to streamline and digitize every aspect of the accreditation process in full compliance with the requirements of all of the major accrediting agencies. Courses, Graded Activities, Rubrics, Performance, and all other data components are easily entered and tracked, with automated reporting and analysis for streamlined review and submission.

Build-A-Deck™ Automated PowerPoint Presentation Builder


Build-A-Deck™ completely automates the process of creating PowerPoint slides and presentations. A Slide Library allows users to pick different types of slides and slide elements, including all types of charts and graphs, data fields, graphics, text, etc. as part of the easy setup process. Fully integrated with an analytical database, Build-A-Deck™ then populates each of the slides automatically with data pulled from the database, for both current period as well as historical trends. Presentations and reports can be batched for different divisions, products, geographic regions, etc. AI can be included to analyze and interpret results into plain language explanatory text.

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