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About Us

Founded in 2006, Analytic Solutions set out to be a very different kind of software development company. In doing so, fill a gaping void in how software solutions were developed.  Instead of just hiring pure programmers like every other software development company, Analytic Solutions saw the value in building a team of people who were equally skilled and highly trained in business analytics and data science - as well as software programming.  A true understanding of what needs to be accomplished in solving complex business issues and optimizing opportunities for creating value before the first line of code is written is the key to developing a truly impactful software solution.  And so Analytic Solutions embarked on a journey to make this new approach to software development a reality. Recruiting the unique talent of people with this dual-expertise isn't an easy task, but it's the right way. It's the way that gets it done the first time - and on budget. It's the way the end-product software solution delivers the absolute best outcome in value creation for our clients. It's the way that it has always been for us since our founding in 2006, and it's the way that it will always be. It's why some of the largest and most respected companies and organizations in the world have come to Analytic Solutions for their custom software development projects, and it's why our non-custom off-the-shelf cloud products, such as SmartChoice™, are the absolute number one leaders in their respective categories. Let us show you how we can help your organization. Click here to find our more!

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