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This exciting solution, leveraging data on the discrete behavioral characteristics of defined customer segments, measures the financial returns of a marketing program targeted at each particular population.  The marketing analyst is prompted to enter the segmented behavioral data, as well as pricing and product information through a user-friendly interface, which then transfers the data into an  integrated network of relational databases.  Each of the customer segments, whether macro or micro – down to a segment of one – is then automatically fed into a custom-tailored activity-based modeling system, uniquely matched to your business. The modeling system then precisely measures the financial value and return associated with targeting that particular customer segment in a marketing initiative.  The relevant financial metrics are stored and then presented in a comprehensive set of presentation charts and graphs, allowing the marketing professional to easily identify and rank-order the most attractive candidates.  After selecting which customers to target from the analytical results, a complete, presentation-ready financial package is then automatically assembled, detailing the P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and return impact of the consolidated marketing campaign.


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