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The Manufacturing & Logistics Planning solution is an integrated system of advanced linear programming and business modeling, leveraged to precisely calculate the absolute lowest cost solution from every conceivable set of options. You may be engaged in production planning for multiple plant and customer locations and seeking the lowest combined cost of production, freight, and capital equipment allocation across the entire plant network, or perhaps you are challenged with scheduling production line loading and line time, optimizing on customer demand requirements, change-over times, line efficiencies, and inventory and working capital costs. No matter what the specific need, every business is faced with decisions for which there are an overwhelming number of options - sometimes infinite each with a different cost and benefit. Whether there are ten possibilities or literally several million possibilities, this modeling system will simulate every single possible option and measure its financial impact. The options may be discretely identified by the user, or the parameters may be set such that the models will automatically identify every possible scenario in a continuum, leaving no stone unturned. In either case, you know that you will be making the best possible choice for your business.

Manufacturing & Logistics Planning Optimization Model

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