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Through the use of a user-friendly graphical user interface, this solution allows the user to view up-to-the-minute quantities of all levels of inventory, from raw materials, to WIP, to finished goods - for every SKU in your business.  When addressing a live customer inquiry, a salesperson, either in the office or remotely in the field, is able to not only immediately view if or when the desired product is or will be available, but also to place a real-time, tiered reservation hold on that product - while still on the phone or in front of the customer.  The salesperson is additionally able to communicate customer-specific pricing and terms based on multiple, flexible criteria pre-determined by your company.  The pricing can also be integrated with a Pricing Optimization solution, which utilizes sophisticated statistical algorithms to calculate optimized pricing based on real-time price elasticity and supply/demand factors.  An immediate Proposal or Purchase Agreement is then generated and sent to the customer.  Depending on whether the inquiry is mild, hot, or a sale, the Inventory Management system is automatically updated with either the appropriate tier of designated reserved inventory or sold inventory.  This information is then fed, real-time into an integrated Demand Forecasting Solution which ensures the product inventory levels are appropriately replenished.

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