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Through the use of a user-friendly graphical user interface, this sophisticated, yet easy to use modeling system allows you to test the financial viability of a new product, program, process, or capital expenditure with unparalleled ease and accuracy. After inputting key driver assumptions through the user interface, with the click of a single button create an entire presentation-ready business case analysis, including both report and graphical depictions of P&Ls, balance sheets, cash flows, NPVs, EVAs, ROIs, ROAs, ROEs, IRRs, Discounted Payback, and other Key Performance Metrics. With no additional effort, a full set of sensitivity and break-even analyses are automatically performed and represented graphically. Perform weeks worth of work in a couple of hours! Add consistency to your business case evaluations. Harness the power and accuracy of an ultra-sophisticated activity-based value measurement modeling system. Dont let the ease-of-use and presentation-ready automation benefits fool you this is a high-powered valuation model, built using the most sophisticated financial and statistical algorithms available.


Business Case Analysis Model

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