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How good is your current budgeting and forecasting system?  Is it acutely accurate?  Is it efficient, or does it  take  a small army of valuable resources several weeks to complete?  Understanding and predicting with pinpoint precision how your business will perform over the next 1 to 12 months is vital to its success.  Without understanding where you are going it is impossible to steer the ship.  The Budgeting and Forecasting solution provides just that – a sophisticated,  highly accurate, flexible, yet easy-to-use system that can be run by a single analyst in a matter of hours.  Instead of updating forecasts annually or quarterly, you can move to a much more frequent monthly – or even weekly – basis – and far more economically.  Instead of grossly over or under estimating your numbers each month, you will be within a hairline tolerance.

These dramatic improvements in accuracy are made real because, unlike standardized  or legacy budgeting and forecasting solutions, this system is: 1) truly custom-tailored to your business, and 2) is driven by sophisticated statistical models and algorithms.  Rather than simply requiring the user to enter clean-slate sales forecasts or last year’s defaults, this solution uses advanced multiple-regression analysis of valid historical data to actually offer a statistically-driven prediction of the most likely outcome.  The models will automatically assess and substantiate each prediction using graphs, charts, statistical coefficients, and complete verbal, plain English explanations.  Based on the calculated and displayed information regarding the imputed accuracy of the forecast, the user can then easily, if so desired, make any necessary changes.

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